Irish food tech firm Senoptica has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) to enter the market. The business, based in Trinity College, helps global retailers reduce food waste using patented oxygen-sensing technology that can be printed into modified atmosphere food packaging. Senoptica was founded in 2018 by Steve Comby, Rachel Evans and Brendan Rice as a spin-out from the university. It hopes to reduce food waste by 11 million tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of 240 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Senoptica’s solutions allows defective packs of foods to be immediately returned to the packing line and repacked, which saves time and money across the food value chain.

It allows testing to occur without the destruction of any products and results are readable at any point along the supply chain.

“Our technology currently improves the probability of finding failed packs by up to 11,000 times compared to today’s industry standard,” chief executive and co-founder Brendan Rice said.

The FDA approval will now allow the Irish company to begin retail trials of the technology across the United States.

“With our unique solution, we hope to revolutionise the food supply chain, through helping all in the food supply chain become smarter about food spoilage,” he added.

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